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Clinical Publishing is an independent medical publisher with
offices in Oxford, Barcelona and New York, and is an imprint of Atlas Medical Publishing Ltd.

We provide internationally authored content to meet the reference and CPD needs of specialists, trainees, and doctors in primary care, worldwide.

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BookCover Problem Solving in Older Cancer Patients
A Ring; D Harari; T Kalsi; J Mansi; P Selby
Published: November 2015
Price: £39.95
BookCover Problem Solving in Acute Oncology
E Marshall; A Young; P.I. Clark; P Selby.
Published: October 2013
Price: £39.95
BookCover Therapeutic Strategies in Targeted Therapies in Breast Cancer
GW Sledge, Jr., J Baselga
Published: May 2013
Price: £49.99
BookCover Osteoarthritis: Visual Guide for Clinicians
A Jones; M Doherty
Published: January 2013
Price: £34.99
BookCover Multiple Sclerosis: Visual Guide for Clinicians
R Dobson, G Giovannoni
Published: November 2012
Price: £34.99
BookCover Chronic Myeloid Leukaemias: Visual Guide for Clinicians
B J Bain; E Matutes
Published: October 2012
Price: £34.99
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