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The Year in Anaesthesia and Critical Care Volume 2

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· Indispensable guide to the latest advances in thinking, training and clinical practice · Detailed discussion of perioperative cardioprotection and respiratory function · Presents latest findings on aspects of critical care, including surviving sepsis and the role of hypothermia following cardiac arrest
Edited by:
J Hunter, Department of Anaesthesia, University of Liverpool, Merseyside, UK; TM Cook, Royal United Hospital, Combe Park, Bath, UK; H-J Priebe, Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, The Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany; M Struys, Department of Anesthesiology, Ghent University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium.
Specialists in anaesthesia, analgesia and critical care contribute their expertise to a wide range of clinical cases, from minor surgical procedures through to the most challenging and complex operations, in the emergency situation and in the long term care of the critically ill. To meet the challenges that these cases present the specialty continues to advance and embrace new technologies and procedures, new drugs and equipment, and more innovative programmes of training. In this latest update, the editors and contributors review these developments and drawing on the recent literature address the questions to which practitioners are seeking authoritative answers:- • Perioperative cardioprotection - how can it be effected? · Perioperative respiratory function - how can it best be improved? · What's new in blood component therapy and haemostasis? · How is it best to survive sepsis in the 21st Century? · Does hypothermia improve outcome after cardiac arrest? An indispensable guide to the latest advances in thinking, training and clinical practice
Specialists in anaesthesia, surgery, critical and intensive care, emergency medicine and pain management

Book Details:
978 1 84692 051 6
440pp; 234 x 156mm; Illustrations; Paperback;
Publication Date: September 2008

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