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Hemorrhagic Stroke: an Atlas of Investigation and Treatment

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· Comprehensive, colour guide to diagnosis of stroke, incorporating concise and detailed original anatomical illustrations · Instructive case studies of emergent and elective interventions · Collection of referenced images straight to clinician’s desk
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IE Silverman, Vascular Neurology, The Stroke Center at Hartford Hospital, Hartford, Connecticut, USA; MM Rymer, Mid-America Brain and Stroke Institute, Saint Luke's Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
In the past three decades, the diagnosis and treatment of stroke has changed at a phenomenal rate since the first use of CT scans and early studies using thrombolytic agents. In the last decade, the stroke specialist has seen the introduction of new therapies versus carotid endarterectomy; mechanical embolectomy and other catheter-delivered agents and devices; novel thrombolytic agents; drugs to limit hematoma expansion; antithrombotic agents for secondary stroke prevention and other neuroprotective strategies. Advanced techniques such as the treatment of aneurysms by neurosurgical clipping versus endovascular coiling, and neurosurgery for intracerebral hemorrhage and the malignant MCA stroke syndrome have been studied, offering a promising look into the future. It must not be forgotten that this has happened against the backdrop of ever increasing sophistication in the field of CT scanning and MR neuroimaging, which helps direct better patient selection for specific therapies and may substantially increase the chance of a successful therapeutic outcome. These advances in treatment therapies has led to a paradigm shift in the way stroke victims are diagnosed and cared for. This exciting new guide to vascular neurology offers a richly illustrated and, above all, practical guide to assist in the complex management and clinical decision-making involved in this fast-moving field. The authors have assembled a comprehensive collection of original visual material which will be a valuable reference to the specialist and trainee clinician alike.
Neurologists ▪ Doctors in training ▪ Specialist care nurses

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978 1 84692 039 4
148pp; 290 x 230mm; Illustrations; Hardback;
Publication Date: May 2010

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