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Breast Cancer: Visual Guide for Clinicians

Price: £34.99
• Instructive exploration of diagnosis and management of disease to aid practising clinicians and trainee doctors • Topic-focused, highly illustrated with succinct text – provides collection of original images for clinician's desktop • Contemporary account of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Edited by:
MD Barber, Breast Unit, Edinburgh Western General Hospital, UK; J St J Thomas, Dept of Pathology, Edinburgh Western General Hospital, UK; JM Dixon, Breast Unit, Edinburgh Western General Hospital, UK
At a time of immense change in all aspects of investigation and management, the guide provides a contemporary and practical account of breast cancer. Carefully selected illustrations are enhanced by concise text, giving the reader a valuable Insight into this vibrant field.
Specialist surgeons • Oncologists • Radiologists • Breast physicians • Breast care nurses

Book Details:
978 1 84692 093 6
64pp; 210 x 297mm; Illustrations; Hardback;
Publication Date: January 2012

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