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Osteoarthritis: Visual Guide for Clinicians

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• Instructive exploration of diagnosis and management of disease to aid practising clinicians and trainee doctors • Topic-focused, highly illustrated with succinct text – provides collection of original images for clinician's desktop • Up to date training tool for whole clinical team
Edited by:
A Jones University of Nottingham and Nottingham City Hospital; M Doherty, Academic Rheumatology, Nottingham City Hospital
Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disorder, requiring significant attention from rheumatologists, pain specialists and GPs. Compiled by two distinguished authors, this illustrated guide outlines essentials of diagnosis and provides management guidelines along with updates on therapy.
Rheumatologists • Pain specialists • Primary Care doctors • Trainee doctors

Book Details:
978 1 84692 097 4
64pp; 297 x 210mm; Illustrations; Hardback;
Publication Date: January 2013

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