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The Year in Radiology Volume 1:
Advances in MDCT

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· Evaluation and critical appraisal of the full range of published literature in the field · Key papers for practice identified and summarised · Single user-friendly volume · Draws on the experience of a leading authority
Edited by:
S Saini, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA; L Bonomo, University of Chieti, Italy; E Teasdale, Institute of Neurological Sciences, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, UK; R White, Cleveland Clinic Heart Center, Cleveland, USA
In a comparatively short space of time, the rapid advances in CT imaging technology have led to significant increases in both speed and the resolution of images captured, and the latest generation of multi-detector CT scanners are finding new applications in a wide variety of fields, making this one of the most exciting imaging modalities currently available. In this new volume, a prestigious team of specialists drawn from centres all over the world bring their own expertise in MD-CT to a series of reviews that focus in turn on selected applications in imaging the Head and Neck, Thorax and Abdomen. Topics include emergency CT imaging, CT angiography and perfusion CT, gynecologic and genitourinary imaging, with additional sections dedicated to scanning protocols and contrast media. For experienced specialists requiring a comprehensive update on recent developments, as well as the new-comer seeking an introduction to the diverse capabilities of this technology, Advances in MD-CT offers readers a uniquely well-informed guide to the field.
Radiologists ▪ Specialists in cardiology, gastrotenology and neurology

Book Details:
978 1 904392 17 0
400pp; 234 x 156mm; Illustrations; Hardback;
Publication Date: January 2005

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