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The Year in Neurology 2001

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· Evaluation and critical appraisal of the full range of published literature in the field · Key papers for practice identified and summarised · Single user-friendly volume · Draws on the experience of leading authorities
Massimo Feliciani, "La Sapienza" University, Rome; Simon Lovestone, Institute of Psychiatry, London; Niall Quinn, Anette Schrag, Matthew Walker, Institute of Neurology, London; Tom Warner, Royal Free Hospital, London; John Zajicek, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
Neurology is currently one of the most exciting and fast-moving areas of clinical medicine. Our understanding of the normal function of the nervous system, and the effects of disease upon it, is informed by new developments in many different fields, including radiology and functional imaging, neurochemistry, and psychopharmacology. The amount of material published each year is vast, so in this volume the editors focus on the literature relating to five of the most important disease entities: Parkinson's Disease, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Dystonias, and Alzheimer's Disease. Each section features expert commentaries on all the latest research, and discussed the results of key clinical trials. Drawing on recently published material from many different specialities, The Year in Neurology 2001 combines breadth of coverage with in-depth analysis, while highlighting throughout the topics of greatest interest to the practising clinician. For informed opinion, and critical review, this volume is the first choice for every doctor wishing to keep up to date in this most challenging speciality.
Specialists in neurology and internal medicine ▪ Doctors in training.

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978 0 9537339 5 8
400pp; 234 x 156mm; Illustrations; Hardback;
Publication Date: October 2001

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