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The Year in Urology Volume 2

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· Evaluation and critical appraisal of the full range of published literature in the field · Key papers for practice identified and summarised · Single user-friendly volume · Draws on the experience of leading authorities
P Abrams, Bristol Urological Institute, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK; JL Probert, Weston General Hospital,Weston-Super-Mare, UK; H Schwaibold, British Urological Institute, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK
The Year in Urology 2004 is the second volume in our continuing series of annual reviews of this specialty. The authors once again give expert comment on the most important recently published literature on urologic diseases, expertly condensing each topic into just a few pages whilst highlighting important developments in the field, thereby making the information given accessible and easily readable. Covering the complete range of clinical conditions that denote urologic disease, this top single-volume resource in urology is the ultimate reference for urologists, surgeons and primary care physicians who want to keep up-to-date with advances in their speciality.
Urologists ▪ Oncologists ▪ Doctors and surgeons in training

Book Details:
978 1 904392 30 9
384pp; 234 x 156mm; Illustrations; Hardback;
Publication Date: January 2005

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