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Therapeutic Strategies in Prostate Cancer

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· Concise and up to date review of the latest clinical developments · Latest guidelines on clinical management reviewed · Provides background on pharmacology and mechanisms of drug action
Edited by:
M Feneley, Institute of Urology, University College London, London, UK; H Payne, Institute of Urology, Meyerstein Institute of Oncology, University College London, London, UK.
Prostate cancer accounts for nearly a quarter of all male cancers, and the incidence is rising as detection rates continue to improve, and life expectancy increases. Timely intervention affords a wider range of management options and in this new volume the editors review the choices available. In the first section lifestyle interventions, such as nutrition and screening, and evaluation of risk factors are discussed; then follows an update on management strategies for localised and locally advanced cancer in various risk groups, drawing on the results of the latest clinical trials. The third section of the book looks at advanced cancer including the management of metastases, and encompasses hormonal and chemotherapy, and palliative care. The volume concludes with a review of common complications of prostate cancer such as urinary obstruction and erectile dysfunction, and appropriate strategies for pain control. Among the key topics discussed:- - The evidence for and against PSA screening - The value of current prognostic models in predicting clinical outcomes - The role of biomarkers in evaluating therapeutic success - How to determine the endpoint of clinical trials - New horizons in chemotherapy for prostate cancer This new work addresses questions which challenge every clinician involved with the care of cancer patients today, and provides authoritative insights into the thinking that will define best practice in future.
Clinical oncologists ▪ General physicians ▪ Hospital pharmacists

Book Details:
978 1 904392 88 0
296pp; 240 x 170mm; Illustrations; Hardback;
Publication Date: November 2007

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