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Therapeutic Strategies in Targeted Therapies in Breast Cancer

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1. Introduction – The new biology of breast cancer & its therapeutic implications, G.W. Sledge, Jr.

2. Biomarkers for targeted therapy in breast cancer – the role of the pathologist, S. Badve, Y. Gökmen-Polar

3. Chemoprevention of breast cancer, D.L. Wickerham

4. Therapy of HER-2 positive breast cancer, A. Bardia, J. Baselga

5. Chemotherapy as targeted therapy, R. Audet, C. Shen, R. Duchnowska, S. Willis, G.W. Sledge, Jr., B. Leyland-Jones

6. Antiangiogenic therapy for breast cancer, G.W. Sledge, Jr.

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