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The Year in Gynaecology 2001

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Part I: Reproductive Health Care
1. Update on Intrauterine Methods, N Hampton
2. Oral contraception and thrombosis, B White, D Perry
3. Progestogen only methods of contraception, N Hampton
4. Emergency contraception, U Kumar, C Wilkinson

Part II: The Menopause
5. New developments in osteoporosis, D Bruce, J Rymer
6. Postmenoapusal hormone replacement therapy and arterial disease, D Crook
7. HRT and breast cancer, J Marsden
8. Low-dose hormone replacement therapy and phyto-oestrogens, C Y Ng, B Cloke, N Panay
9. HRT in the older woman, J Barter

Part III: Other Gynaecology
10. Gynaecological malignancies, TR Adib, T Mould
11. Infertility, M Davies, C Overton, C Davies
12. Urogynaecology, V Khullar
13. Screening for chromosomal and structural fetal anomalies in early pregnancy, P van den Hurk, P Pandya

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