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Problem Solving in Older Cancer Patients:
A case-study based reference and learning resource

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SECTION ONE Perspectives

  1. Cancer in Older People: an Overview, Catherine Handforth, Nicola Turner, David Jackson, Andrew Clegg, Peter Hall, Katie Spencer, Geoff Hall, Mark Lawler, Peter Selby

  2. Clinical Epidemiology and Patterns of Care for Cancer in Older Patients, Rebecca J. Birch, Katie L. Spencer, Eva J.A. Morris

  3. Improving Care for Older Cancer Patients in the NHS, Sean Duffy, Mike Birtwistle

  4. Strategies to Improve Outcomes for Older Cancer Patients: Learning from the Improving Cancer Treatment Assessment and Support for Older People Project, Jane Maher

  5. A European Perspective on Cancer Care in Older People, Gilbert Zulian, Hans Wildiers, Etienne Brain

  6. Clinical Trials in Older Patients with Cancer, Khurum Khan, Matthew Seymour, Alistair Ring, Peter Johnson

  7. Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment and Available Tools, Danielle Harari, Tania Kalsi

  8. Special Issues Concerning Radiotherapy in Older Cancer Patients, Allan Price

  9. Special Issues Concerning Systemic Anticancer Therapy in Older Cancer Patients, Satish Kumar

  10. Special Issues in the Selection of Older Cancer Patients and Delivery of Their Surgery, Anita Hargreaves, William Cross, Paul Finan, Riccardo Audisio

  11. Drug Therapy in Older People: Pharmacology and the Dangers of Polypharmacy, Denis Curtin, Paul Gallagher

  12. Screening for Breast and Prostate Cancer in the Older Population, Jenna Morgan, Freddie Hamdy, Malcolm Reed

  13. The Nursing Perspective, Natalie Doyle, Richard Henry

  14. Allied Health Professional Perspective, Karen Hargreaves, Thangaraj Senniappan, Margot Gosney

  15. Perspectives from a GP on Care of Older People with Cancer, Winnie Kwan
  16. Anaesthetic Perspective, Stephen Alcorn, Irwin Foo

  17. Ethics, Consent and Capacity in the Older Cancer Patient, Matthew Appleby, Margot Gosney

  18. Palliative Care in Older Cancer Patients, Lucy Adkinson, Michael I. Bennett

SECTION TWO Case Studies

  1. A Patient with Lung Cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Hypertension and Dizziness, Aspasia Soultati, Sasi Pathmanathan, Matt Sweeting, Ana Montes

  2. Colorectal Cancer in a Patient with an Aortic Abdominal Aneurysm, Peripheral Vascular Disease and Poor Nutritional Status, Dimitra Repana, David Shipway, Paul Ross

  3. A Patient with Early-Stage Lung Cancer and Heart Disease, Adam P. Januszewski, Danielle Harari, Mary E.R. O'Brien

  4. A Patient with Colorectal Cancer, Liver Metastases and Falls, Sarah J.L. Payne, Margot Gosney, Matthew Seymour

  5. Adjuvant Chemotherapy in a Patient with Breast Cancer, Jenny Seligmann, Margot Gosney, Bob Leonard

  6. A Patient with Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer, Transient Ischaemic Attack and Impotence, Kathryn Mitchell, Hannah Taylor, Danielle Harari, Malcolm Mason

  7. Surgery for Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer in a Morbidly Obese Patient with Diabetes and Renal Impairment, Doraid Alrifai, David Shipway, Sarah Ngan

  8. Carcinoma of Unknown Primary in a Patient with Multiple Comorbidities, Kiruthikah Thillai, Jacqueline Simms, Sarah Rudman, Jonathan Birns

  9. Incontinence Developing During Chemotherapy in a Patient with Advanced Ovarian Cancer and Diabetes, Jane Hook, Eileen Burns, David Jackson

  10. A Patient with Breast Cancer and Dementia, Debra Josephs, Kimberley Kok, Finbarr Martin, Eleni Karapanagioto

  11. A Patient with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, Comorbidities and Fatigue, Emma Drasar,
    Emily Bart-Smith, Gulnaz Shah, Tania Kalsi, Timothy Chevassut

  12. A Frail Patient with Colorectal Cancer Considered for Chemotherapy Who Struggles to Complete Activities of Daily Living, Sharmistha Ghosh, Joanna Hardwick, Peter Diem, Debashis Sarker

  13. Optimal First-Line Management of a Patient with Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma, Michael Davidson, Samantha Keeling, Lisa Pickering

  14. Lymphoma in a Patient with Pre-existing Depression and Parkinson’s Disease Who Struggles to Complete Activities of Daily Living, Hazel Lote, Andrew Webb, Edward Spilg

  15. A Patient with Carcinoma of the Thyroid and Delirium, Cressida Lorimer, James Fleet,
    Kate Newbold

  16. Pancreatic Cancer in a Patient on More Than 10 Internal Medicine Therapies, Alicia Okines, Ian Chau, Juliet Wright

  17. Advanced Ovarian Cancer in a Patient who Is Socially Isolated and Deaf, Emily Grist,
    Lucy Dumas, Jacqueline Gilbert, Susana Banerjee

  18. Fitness for Radical Surgery in a Patient with Uterine Cancer, Hypertension, Obesity and Peripheral Vascular Disease, Edward Armstrong, Ingrid Kane, Sonali Kaushik, Kate Lankester

  19. A Patient with Head and Neck Cancer Who Is a Heavy Smoker with Emphysema and Poor Nutrition, Kee Howe Wong, Fionna Martin, Peter Diem, Shree Bhide

  20. Fitness of a Patient with Advanced Melanoma for Therapy with Checkpoint Inhibitors, Lucy Dumas, Joanna Hampton, James Larkin

  21. A Patient with Parkinson’s Disease and Oesophageal Cancer Exhibiting Significant Upper Gastrointestinal Toxicity, Nausea and Vomiting from Chemotherapy, Adam Sharp,
    Pamela Seenan, David Watkins

  22. Diarrhoea in a Patient on Chemotherapy for Colorectal Cancer, Alexandra Pender,
    James Fleet, Danielle Harari, Naureen Starling

  23. A Patient with Breast Cancer Experiencing Cardiac Toxicity on Chemotherapy, M.H. Ruhe Chowdhury, Joanna Hardwick, Mark Kinirons, Mark Harries

  24. Chemotherapy Resulting in Acute Kidney Injury in a Patient with Bladder Cancer, Iva Damyanova, Vidhya Nair, Christy Ralph

  25. Partial Nephrectomy Followed by Hand-Foot Syndrome in a Patient with Renal Cancer Receiving Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Therapy, Nicola Hughes, Vidhya Nair, Naveen Vasudev

  26. They Disagree! Choice of Therapy by a Patient with Cholangiocarcinoma and His Family, Adel Jebar, Nicola Turner, Daniel Swinson

  27. A Patient with Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer for Radiotherapy or Surgery Who Experiences Falls, Daniel Lee, Naveen Vasudev, William Cross, Zuzanna Sawicka, Ann Henry

  28. Early Prostate Cancer in an Asymptomatic Patient with Urinary Incontinence and History of Deep Vein Thrombosis, Vijay Bhagawati-Prasad, Satinder Jagdev, William Cross, Eileen Burns

  29. A Blind Patient with a Large Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour for Radical Surgery,
    Sebastian Trainor, Zuzanna Sawicka, Maria Marples

  30. Use of Radical Radiotherapy in a Patient with a Brain Tumour and Deafness, Vinton Cheng, Nicola Turner, Susan Short

  31. A Patient with Gastric Cancer and Problems with Vascular Access, Samantha Turnbull, Claire Scampion, Nicola Turner, Alan Anthoney

  32. A Patient with Infectious Complications and Neutropenia on Chemotherapy, Gordon Urquhart, Claire Scampion, Nicola Turner, Tim Perren

  33. Index

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