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The Year in Renal Medicine Volume 1

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PART I Chronic renal failure:
1. Diabetic nephropathy, M Thomas, M Cooper
2. Peritoneal dialysis, E Brown
3. Anaemia in chronic renal failure, I MacDougall
4. Cardiovascular disease in chronic renal failure, R Foley

PART II Acute renal failure:
5. Prevention of acute radiocontrast nephropathy, N Lameire
6. Renal support in and treatment of acute renal failure, F Liu, R Mehta
7. Glomerulonephritis, GB Appel, AC Appel
8. Vasculitis and lupus nephritis, D Jayne

PART III End-stage renal disease:
9. Progression of chronic renal failure, J Fox, B MacKinnon
10. Haemodialysis, K Farrington
11. Mineral metabolism and renal bone disease, S Steddon, S Fan
12. Transplantation, J Forman, M Sayegh
13. Interstitial and tubular diseases, J Rossert, E Fischer

PART IV New developments:
14. Inherited renal diseases, M Hogan, V Torres
15. Renal physiology: acid-base, potassium, calcium and blood pressure, R Unwin, P Cutillas, G Capasso
16. Ethnicity and renal disease, J Levy

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