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Therapeutic Strategies in Cardiovascular Risk

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Introduction, RB D'Agostino, IM Graham

1. Cardiovascular epidemiology: background and principles of cardiovascular disease prevention,
T Leong, CMcGorrian, IM Graham
2. From epidemiological risk to clinical practice by way of statistics - a personal view, RM Conroy
3. Endpoints, mortality and morbidity, C McGorrian, T Leong, IM Graham
4. Genetics, family history and risk prediction in the young, O Faergeman
5. Management of cardiovascular risk in the older person, CW Fan, RA Kenny
6. Overweight, physical inactivity, insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, diabetes, the metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular risk, G Hu, TA Lakka, H-M Lakka, J Tuomilehto
7. Lipid subfractions and risk, AD Sniderman, P Couture
8. New biomarkers of cardiovascular disease, RS Vasan, E Ingelsson
9. Risk in those with established disease, L Wilhelmsen, H Wedel
10. Socioeconomic aspects of risk prediction, G de Backer
11. Risk estimation systems in clinical use - SCORE, Heart Score and the Framingham system,
C McGorrian, T Leong, RB D'Agostino, IM Graham
12. Epidemiological research and preventive cardiology - lessons from Framingham, WB Kannel,
RB D'Agostino
13. Electronic and interactive risk prediction, TF Thomsen
14. Management of specific behavioural risk factors - exercise, obesity and smoking, G Burell, B Lindahl
15. Management of specific risk factors - lipids, O Faergeman
16. Management of specific risk factors - hypertension, R Cífková
17. The future, IM Graham, RB D'Agostino

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