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Problem Solving in Acute Oncology

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Source: British Journal of Cancer (2015) 113, 1744-1745

Date received: 15/12/2015

“…The impressive group of contributors with a vast array of experience present a very readable, case study based approach to the most common presentations encountered in an acute oncology practice….Problem Solving in Acute Oncology will will serve as an excellent educational source for those new to the field, and has many useful points of revision for those of us already in the specialty. (This) educational material will increase health-care practitioner confidence, to help ensure robust, safe and up to date practice.”

S. Banerjee, The Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK; S. Stanway, The Royal Marsden Hospital and Croydon University Hospital, London, UK

Source: Oncology News, Vol. 9(2), May-June 2014, 52.

Date received: 14/10/2014

“The first section of the book titled ‘Perspectives in the Development of Acute Oncology’ open the book and sets the scene perfectly for the readers, sketching in details the most recent and advance developments in the area of acute oncology. ... [The second] section of the book is very comprehensively written and covers a range of relevant and important topics related to chemotherapy toxicities. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this section as it succinctly covers all the commonly encountered emergencies in the wards in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. I am sure the other readers of the book will equally enjoy reading this section as much as I did including the readers preparing for competitive medical exams. ... I feel the book winds up on a very good note covering a range of topics of academic and clinical relevance.”

“Overall, I have found this to be a very well written, easy to read and very informative. I would definitely recommend this book as a good starting point to all the clinicians, allied health care professionals involved in dealing with cancer management and junior doctors involved in the management of cancer patients in the Oncology wards.”

Tasadooq Hussain BA (Edu.) MD MRCS; ST4 General and Colorectal Surgical Registrar; Honorary Clinical Tutor - Hull York Medical School; South Tyneside District General Hospital; Northern Deanery; UK.

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