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Problem Solving in Older Cancer Patients:
A case-study based reference and learning resource

Price: £39.95

Source: BMA Medical Book Awards 2016 Citation

Date received: 07/09/2016

“The management of elderly patients with a malignancy is such a relevant and hot topic now, as the amount of patients with a diagnosis of cancer that live longer is increasing and the practising physician needs to become aware of how to manage such potential complex patients. This book comes at a great time to address these concerns and provide advice for such patients. The authors here show an excellent technique of addressing the current issues in geriatric oncology in such an ingenious way by using clinical cases and examples but also discussing the epidemiology of cancer in the elderly and also providing the view of how the same issues are dealt with by different oncologists and elderly physicians in the rest of Europe. This book is unique and will be very warmly welcomed not just from oncologists, but also from general physicians, geriatricians, and GPs. We all need to adjust our practice with an increasingly large aging population and publications like these facilitate the training of doctors in dealing with more complex patients like elderly patients with malignancy among other co-morbidities. It is a definitive must-buy for every geriatrician, oncologist, GP and general physician. The main strengths include the fact that the authors have come to address a very topical issue in a very clear, structured and succinct manner, providing perspectives on different issues commonly seen in the management of geriatric patients but also by using clinical case examples. This is such a good book, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it!”

BMA Medical Book Awards 2016 Review Panel

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