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Clinical Publishing / Atlas Medical Publishing content now covers the whole range of internal medicine in various formats: literature reviews, therapeutic reviews, practitioner guides, case studies, and a wide range of visual references.  Our content is highly flexible for online, CD ROM or text delivery, in large or small components.  Doctors find our material highly useful for postgraduate reference and CPD.

We are happy to quote prices for bulk orders of our books, as they stand, in English or other European languages or in CD ROM or e book format.  We are also able to adapt our content for online delivery, or to provide customized versions in electronic or print format of any of our publications or their component parts.

For Spain, Italy, and Latin America, contact:

Atlas Medical Publishing Ltd
C/- Aragon 174-176
08011 Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 323 6114
Fax: +34 93 453 1332

For the rest of the world contact:

Clinical Publishing
110 Innovation House
Parkway Court
Oxford Business Park South
Oxford OX4 2JY UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1865 811116

Translation rights:

Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese – Publishers should contact the Barcelona office

Other languages – Publishers should contact:

IMR Agency Ltd,
PO Box 843,
Lancaster, LA1 9EZ UK 
Tel +44 (0) 782 525 2878

Textbook adoptions:

Contact the Oxford office


BookCover Problem Solving Through Precision Oncology
Ellen R. Copson, Peter Hall, Ruth E. Board, Gordon Cook and Peter Selby
Published: November 2016
Price: £39.95
BookCover Problem Solving in Older Cancer Patients
A Ring; D Harari; T Kalsi; J Mansi; P Selby
Published: November 2015
Price: £39.95
BookCover Problem Solving in Acute Oncology
E Marshall; A Young; P.I. Clark; P Selby.
Published: October 2013
Price: £39.95
BookCover Therapeutic Strategies in Targeted Therapies in Breast Cancer
GW Sledge, Jr., J Baselga
Published: May 2013
Price: £49.99
BookCover Osteoarthritis: Visual Guide for Clinicians
A Jones; M Doherty
Published: January 2013
Price: £34.99
BookCover Multiple Sclerosis: Visual Guide for Clinicians
R Dobson, G Giovannoni
Published: November 2012
Price: £34.99
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