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BookCover Problem Solving in Acute Oncology
E Marshall; A Young; P.I. Clark; P Selby.
Published: October 2013
Price: £35
BookCover Therapeutic Strategies in Targeted Therapies in Breast Cancer
GW Sledge, Jr., J Baselga
Published: May 2013
Price: £49.99
BookCover Osteoarthritis: Visual Guide for Clinicians
A Jones; M Doherty
Published: January 2013
Price: £34.99
BookCover Multiple Sclerosis: Visual Guide for Clinicians
R Dobson, G Giovannoni
Published: November 2012
Price: £34.99
BookCover Chronic Myeloid Leukaemias: Visual Guide for Clinicians
B J Bain; E Matutes
Published: October 2012
Price: £34.99
BookCover Helicobacter pylori: Atlas of Investigation and Management
J Holton, D Vaira, N Figura
Published: February 2012
Price: £75
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